PowerBank™Pro Wireless Power Bank Fast Charging
PowerBank™Pro Wireless Power Bank Fast Charging
PowerBank™Pro Wireless Power Bank Fast Charging

PowerBank™Pro Wireless Power Bank Fast Charging

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- Four USB ports
- USB-Type C port
- Wireless Charger

**Input Interface:**
- USB Type C
- Lightning

**Battery Type:** Li-polymer Battery

**Shell Material:** Metal

- Wireless charging capability
- Built-in cables (Micro USB)
- Digital display
- LED Lamp

**Type:** Wireless power bank

**Certification:** PSE

**Support Quick Charge Technology:** Two-way Quick Charge

**Max Input:** 120W

Supports fast wireless charging at up to 5V 1A. Equipped with a fast charger USB port, allowing for efficient charging of multiple devices simultaneously. Micro USB and Type-C inputs ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices. The wireless charging function enables convenient charging without the need for cables. The power bank can be charged while simultaneously charging your device, providing uninterrupted power supply.

**Product Parameters:**
1. Input voltage: 5V, 2A
2. Output voltage with the cable connected: 5V, 2.1A
3. Wireless charging current: 500 to 1000 mA
4. Wireless operating frequency: 110 - 205KHZ
5. Radiation distance: about 2 to 4 mm / 0.07 - 0.16in
6. Charging power: 5 mW
7. Standby power: less than 30 mW

**Package Contents:**
- 1 x Wireless Charger Power Bank
- 1 x Micro USB Cable

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